Morgan and Mendel Genomics proposes to offer three major technologies:

  1. digital cell Western blot (DCW) that quantifies native or modified proteins in cells and in subcellular compartments
  2. protein co-immunoprecipitation Western blot (PrCo-IP) that quantifies protein-protein interactions
  3. nucleic acid co-immunoprecipitation Western blot (NACo-IP) that quantified protein-nucleic acid interactions

Major features of these technologies are the use of cells or beads, rather than microscope slides or membranes, as substrates and subsequent enrichment and surface analysis by flow cytometry.

All of these technologies rely on the availability of specific antibodies and nucleic acid probes; thus, they can be readily customized to study proteins or genes from any source whose variant is in question.

The initial focus of the company is to understand the consequences of genetic variation (functional genomics).

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